Silver circle on the ice

January 29, 2012 in SWEDEN | Comments (4)


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The skating track seen from the shore

Today Sunday, the skating continued on Drevviken, on a silver ring of scraped ice. Last week’s snow covered the lake.

This is the third glorious weekend for skaters on Drevviken. There is now probably a kilometre of shining silver track on this beautiful Stockholm lake – on previous weekends the skaters had the whole wide lake skatable.

Meanwhile kids are out with toboggans and snowracers. Last week’s snow was warm and sticky enough for snowballs and snowmen  – “kramsnö”. And turned this little dog in the gallery above into a walking furry American cockersnowgirl.

Below zero: the place to be

January 15, 2012 in SWEDEN | Comments (21)


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Icy Drevviken Stockholm 15 January

Below Zero. The lake Drevviken in Stockholm is now covered in silvery grey ice, with ripples of white frost…

The ripples continue over the frozen grass.

If there is ice at all on the lake, it is usually covered with snow, which is cleared away to make tracks. But today the whole lake was glittering with promise for long-distance skaters. The parking lot at Hökerängensbad ( a public beach) is usually empty in winter. Today there wasn’t a parkling place left.

From the bus window on return from the winter sales I saw the crowds. Then raced with doggy down to the lake. We sat on a pier and watched the long distance skaters on the other side. Some disembarked at our pier from their “sailing” over the lake,  to take off their long silver skates … and walk home.

The air felt rare and full of promise. Skaters made these sounds I love – scrapes and a hollow kind of dwoing dwoing dwoing whooing.

Days like today are a  gift. Today’s minus 2 or 3 deg C feels warm compared with the previous week above zero,  with invading moist winds creeping down your neck armed with tiny cruel drops of chill factor.

We continued round the lake on the icy path (wearing extra spikes) and then saw where all the ducks had gone. The water at the end of lake was not frozen and lay at the foot of a copse of trees, making a sheltered pond for the duckies. Taking snap of them I raised false hopes that I had come bearing food and despite the dog the ducks floated up to us expectantly.

Happy new year sparkles

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The old year’s timber and fallen branches were piled in the centre of the village. Blaze it all away for a new year…

Juha from Finland does a leap for the camera, somewhere in Bergslagen – the Killsberg hills. This is the little hamlet of Ramshyttan, a postmodern village. Inmates not born here as in old villages, but migrated here, choosing quiet and nature, yet highly wired, plugged in all over. Jan had his image of the fire up as it crackled, shooting it off to facebook with his iPhone.

That was actually late afternoon sinking into the last night of the year.

Here we are, come midnight, saying a happy happy new year.

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