Roman Saturday: delightful De Russie

September 9, 2012 in ITALY | Comments (0)

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Dining in the garden

The place to be in Rome on a Saturday is the garden of Hotel de Russie. For buffet lunch. Not just for the food, tables groaning cold cuts, antipasti, and desserts and a pasta station.

The real charm is tables under the trees in gentle breeze, in a restaurant tiered up one of Rome’s seven hills. Cute legs marched past in dressy shorts, among those who would see and be seen, cool on a hot day.

This garden is one of the reasons for the hotel’s oasis reputation, another is the spa bubble bath. It is fabulous I was told by a guest as I peered in to see, and it is free (to guests).  We were merely lunch guests.

The highlight  of the meal (for us) was the charming Mario, who came with the renowned Italian charm up to me and held two tomato pasta’s (pasta pommodoro) in front of me with an arm on each side. Which do you want, he asked. This one is made with love, and this one with tomato. I did choose love…

Hotel de Russie lies in a fashionable street Via del Babuino near Piazza del Popolo. It has 122 rooms.  We were shown round a few rooms, in the style that its loyal guests love  with marble and mosaic bathrooms, understated demure colours and a hint in some of classic romance. The only brightish colour I remember in the deluxe rooms and deluxe superior rooms we saw was the case of the TV.

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