Two “Grand” hotels, one grander…

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Le Grand Courlan

Three of our party were located there and did not like it. Service was almost non existent. Their room was not made up in the morning. Breakfast on day 2, we arrived to find they had not been served for 20 minutes. The one and only waitress was involved with looking after a group of Asians who all wanted their eggs in different ways. It took all her energy so she did not even say: I will be with you in a moment…

When we arrived Tiina and co stormed out. We met the GM arriving and told him we had not been served.  He said “But why did you not eat the buffet?” There was no buffet we said….”Oh” he said and marched in, with some displeased sounds in his ears….

The hotel had a wide tropical pavilion for eating, quite pleasant.

Nice pool area – on a long beach (separated by fence and gate closed at night). Green canal with fish was a bit slimy some thought.

Sofia went through the gate early in the morning and discovered Tobago Villas, each with a private pool and what is more right on the beach (some nicer than others). The owner told me “almost as good as Stonehaven Villas” but Sofia felt that many people would prefer them because of their beach position.

The other nice villas are Plantation Villas – they have a shared pool but are smart and modern I gather.

Magdalena Grand

Relaunched with bright or gleaming yellow and white paint – a former Hilton. A big hotel with a big pool area, it probably tops charter lists. Family friendly, kids club, lots of activities.

Its colonial past lives on in a lounge of cosy subdued brown leather. I haven’t seen anything so brown since the seventies though its heritage goes further back and it feels plush and lux.

Otherwise it all has a new spruce look. Another lounge and bar has playful Disneyish features (Spielbergish?)…Pirates of the Caribbean pop us as large sculptures, one of them in a corner with a treasure chest overflowing.

Beaches? Because of more powerful waves, not protected by coral reef,  a breakwater has been built to make safe quiet swimming along the sandy beach.

200 rooms. Only 15 minutes from the airport. Free shuttle.

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