Heat & Roman history

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Can any city be such a transection through time?

There is the modern Rome, like via Condotti, or the road streaming traffic past the monument to Vittorio Emmanuel (and shaking it and other monuments). There is also Romanesque Rome, Renaissance Rome, Baroque Rome, Neoclassical Rome still standing.  And then there are the cracks. As if modern Rome is being peeled and the old revealed….

Crumbling, peeling, cracking to reveal pillars, foundations, carvings of classical eras.

Like Trajans market. And here and there, and everywhere…a chip of plaster off and THERE is an old column.

Not so many cracks and revelations of the classical near Hassler. But very Roman.

The Spanish steps, a happening place. A place to celebrate. Who goes to Rome without climbing the 136 steps, or sitting on them, posing on them, collapsing on them.

Fearsome heat, 32 to 36 degrees all week. But yesterday was a cool day at 28. Rising to 29 tho much more in the sun.

Beating the heat was our main object in sightseeing. Crossing streets to edge along shady walls. The heat beats you, you beat the heat…a heat dance.

And then the shady park. Hot too but with a gentle breeze.

Hot space. The square feels empty by virtue of its sweeping space, but queues of people  for hundreds of metres round to St Peters entrance, crawling like ants.

Comments written in Rome in July(on hard copy) – blogged only now

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