The dreamy world again

August 18, 2017 in MALDIVES | Comments (2)

A few more images. For my travel story see the last post.


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Scenic flight by seaplane from Male to Soneva Fushi

This is a personal note. I adore Soneva Fushi, If I sound a bit too professional and remote from the experience its because there was too much going on in my mind. I was there this time with my grandchild. The previous time (2014) with my daughter, who passed on to another world last year, 18 April 2016.

I could not see her clearly in my mind’s eye, just feel her presence in the trees, which somehow caught her with them forever. I wept in my heart at Turtle Beach as it had seemed so far away last time, like a shipwreck beach where we shared adventure. This time it was the scene of a dinner party reserved for a Great white Russian hunter where we ended up by accident. We moved on to Dolphin Beach for our dinner by the glimmering sea, and I wondered where the rustic swing had gone, where Aleah laid her slender frame and communed with the tropics.

She had been ill and gone through tough treatments but got better every day at Soneva Fushi, and I remembered Aleah at By the Beach dreaming in the starlight on a sunbed as the sea seethed in. By the Beach was not in action this time and was going to become an overwater restaurant, now half built.  I felt Aleah came to meet me and whisper at me through the air  that had gone viscous like the luminous lagoon. I felt her, but I could only see old photos of her in my mind.

Meanwhile I had a few small upsets like a twisted ankle, and a foot stabbed by hidden coral at the cocktail party, and was l helped by my treasured grandchild as I limped along. We had so much fun, and so much laughter, but sad times too.

Like the time I told her we should try to be truly alive. Not live in Snapchat and photos but be here and now and at Soneva Fushi, which we might never visit again,

Thank you little F being such sweet company and for putting up with your grandmother….

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