Day 6 – at sea

April 29, 2010 in Mediterranean | Comments (0)

Choppy blue Mediterranean, little white crests, swish of waves floating up to the 10th floor under a pale blue sky.

Last night we decided we would not get stressed about waking. We would not worry about breakfast. We would enjoy a day without the tensions of deciding what to do, how to find out information, and how to return to the boat in time.

We chose freedom in every port, and the adventures that go with it. But I did see the advantage of taking tours as the complications of getting to the boat on time hovered above us like gulls over fish in the ocean.

Aleah despite all the kind assistance in avoiding dairy products, was feeling a bit invaded by milk. So I took myself off to breakfast, and wickedly enjoyed latte macchiato and a mix of nut icecreams at the bar on the covered deck in lieu of breakfast. The other deck was chilly despite its glass walls as the breezes swooped over.

The loudspeaker sprang to life: “Bonjourno! …………” it boomed. Many lovely but crackly Italian sentences later the English greeted us. We would reach some point on the Pellponissus at 1300 hours. It was 14 degrees the voice announced. Hence the chilly Gilly.


A mountain to the east seems to float on the horizon catching the afternoon sun on its pale rocky cliffs. Wind whistles.

I have come from the spa where I had areally nice  blowdry, and got cajoled into spending 72 euro  on some hair “products” in order to get the blowdry “free”. 

Tonight is another gala dinner.

At lunch today we were joined by a Swiss woman Margareta Weber who asked to join us as she was alone. She had put her 18 year old and cousin on a flight home from Istanbul.

“She thought the cruise was too noisy,” she explained: “And so many people”.

“Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Maybe it is just me. Maybe I am spoilt. I was last on a cruise in the Caribbean with only 100 people.”

“And all the time this loudspeaker in all these different languages,” she complained.

She had her little say about reception too. When she was organizing her daughter’s departure they asked that her daughter fill in a form to say why she was leaving the cruise.

Too much noise, she wrote. No-one my age. And the disco opens only at midnight. “You can’t say that,” Reception countered, “We will get into trouble.”  This is the truth – you will just have to accept it, the Swiss woman responded.

As she was now alone at her table we joined her for dinner. It was a gala dinner – to create a special atmosphere the rouched curtains were drawn over the soothing blue that usually was the focus of my vision at dinner.

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