Day 3 – Luxury hotels in Tenerife

June 19, 2010 in Spain | Comments (0)

Tenerife has 20 five star hotels –  more than Barcelona.  We will see 9 of them.

My room at Sheraton La Caleta featured (or starred shall we say) in day 1 and day 2 of this blog on Tenerife. Last night we were shown a couple of suites at Sheraton La Caleta and then had dinner with the group of tour operators in the Spanish restaurant. We were in a cosy cellar-like room with shelves of wine and Spanish country touches.

The Sheraton Premium suite was adventurously built on the rooftop. The terrace sprawled up and down stairs with a view of the sea and gardens, and the chimneys and blue sky. There was a little roofed relax spot, somehow eccentric and cute.

On Saturday we were given a feast of site inspections. The impressions were overwhelming, so it has taken days for me to translate my notes to blog.

I sum up these impressions in a later post.



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