Day 5 – Whale watching off Tenerife

June 20, 2010 in Spain | Comments (52)

We skimmed over gentle waves looking out to sea for the tell-tale blow fountains of whales. It took only 30 minutes and we found them – pilot whales.

Pilot whales communing with our yacht

The waters between the Costa Adeje and the neighbouring island of La Gomera are really FULL of pilot whales, and they offer a 100% guarantee you will see one. We saw a big family of them – the family of a nice 7-m-long guy dubbed India by the state-sponsored marine conservation effort that is trying to study and restore balance in the ocean along the tourist areas. (They have a project where you can help them.)

India’s family became our delight and our friends. They came rather lovingly up to the boat as it were a fine aquatic mammal, and floated by it tenderly, drifting in their whaley way, and doing things like floating upside down with whale tail sticking out. A mum with babe floated by too, just below the surface.

Our pilot whale friend does whaley things

The bronzed, sea-grizzled captain of our catamaran Eden told us about these wonderful creatures – after we had seen them.

The male whales live 40 years and the females 65, he told us. The male lives are shortened by deep-sea diving. They go down to 1000 metres deep to catch deep-sea squid, whom they kill by dragging them up to 800 m where they explode…They are cut into bits for the family including the  “toddlers” with teeth.

Later bottle nose dolphins came and played around us – too quick to make the loving contact we did with the whales.

Wonderful. The water IS real off Costa Adeje, uplifting the Canaries over many Med destinations…

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