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Stockholm, city on water, comes into its own in this heat.  Along its long shoreline people linger, eating picnics on the piers, and hot tourists queue to take boats between sights.  

Its been three weeks of this. Heat…


Nybroviken. Water and boats – water and light, people lingering. Life is as long as the summer lasts… 

Just before midday the guards march past the Royal Dramatic Theatre on the way to the Royal Palace (Slottet) for changing of the guard.  

Just over the road there is a leafy park. And between water and park, erupting with a sensuality that is in tune with all this heat, is a sculpture of someone surely not meant to be that erotic. But it is…


 The truth is that in winter, Mr Ericsson doesn’t look this gorgeous. Sculptures come to life with the inner eye.  This royal horse (below), normally a bit stiff, rises full of mischief in today’s heatwave.

I wander on to Grand hotel overlooking yet another inlet of the Baltic.  Here too boats come in and go, out to islands of the archipelago. Today this beloved steam boat waits its turn.


Stockholm drapes its self over 14 islands  – some mostly park, some with small (popular) sandy beaches. Another place to go in the heat.

Water under a willow Långholmen

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