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October 6, 2010 in SWITZERLAND | Comments (134)

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The second hotel in the village is Hotel Restaurant Elite, run with love by Nicole Peck and Kitty Brand.  It lies up the winding road from Hotel de Ville, passing green pastures with cows grazing, the tower and the church. Up on the slope the views are as alpine as you wish, tinkling sounds included.

Elite has 10 rooms, several with balconies. Spacious, clean and rustic, with attractive floral tiles in the bathroom that I viewed.

We had a most memorable Swiss style dinner there, with local wine. Highly recommended – they had a variety of potato pancakes (rösti) bursting with succulence and flavor. The favourite is full of onions with grilled bacon crumbled on top.

Hotel Restaurant Elite – Telephone 0041 26 924 52 12. Price as at October 2010: 136 CHF for a double room, 68 CHF for a single room. Elite has 6 double rooms, 2 single, 2 triple.

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