Day 2 – Tenerife with pools and palms

June 18, 2010 in Spain | Comments (0)

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The pool dazzles. The palms shift their slightly sea-singed tassles in the breeze. It is a perfect day; sky a gentle embrace of blue.

If the meaning of life is pleasant moments, I have found enlightenment in this one.  The luxury of a totally free day as all our activities on this SELECT PARTNER FAM TRIP only start tomorrow.

The heated pool

I managed to get coffee as I wish it, a latte macchiato. I slept like heaven in my (Sheraton) bed with perfect pillows, and a little breeze from my slightly open balcony door. Even the child-friendly aspect of Sheraton Caleta has not proved adult-hostile. Kids are spread out among various pools and activities. Breakfast turned out good in the end, though I approached from the wrong side coming from my room and danced along the edge of the pool around a barrier to get in. Three separate marble buffet (or four) islands presented everything I desire.

The only negative was that the coffee came from a corporate machine. Big corporate companies are making big machines (rationally to save time)(possibly money/time is money) for corporate hotels and other corporates. So the little guy who likes very hot coffee gets it lukewarm. But I managed to ask a correct though not enthusiastic man to make it hotter (in the microwave).

My room is really a pleasant place to be. My balcony compared with those looking over the pool is small, and its protective wall no doubt cuts out some of my share of sun. But it is so MINE, surrounded by the ochre-ginger walls and balcony garden with real soil, and perfect sea view.

The terraces overlooking the pool are immense, and the sleeping area bigger. My room’s total area is spread out into the generous long hallway, opening by wide mirror doors into the big marble bathroom with glass shower cabinet, bath, and separate toilet. Just how a bathroom should be.

So why was I told this place does not have five stars? Yet to find out if it is true or isn’t.

Last night one of our party on the SELECT PARTNER FAM TRIP invited me to join him at a fish restaurant he had researched in chats with the lady in the phone shop (where he bought a phone plus calls 19 euro including calls up to 11 euro (phone cost only8 Euros). A short taxi ride got us there to La Caleta village, and round a corner was this little gem of a place. See photo.


Morning drinking coffee by the Sheraton pool, gorgeous day …

But now I have agreed to pay 15 Euros for omelets – which does seem extreme.


I changed my order to Caesar Salad without the chicken – or prawns etc. Simple and nice – only 9 euro. Last bite tasted quite dreadful – though – I think some old bacon had got mixed up in there…

But now on the front terraces I marvel at the space and peace. Everyone is down at the pools or on the lawns by the pools.

I do not see a single person on this sunny ochre terrace, which fills my heart with joy – as if all this luxury is just for me. Blue sky, palms waving, and a sweep of the gingery ochre walls. I realize that Sheraton La Caleta is a Moorish inspiration, harking to Saharan deserts, created with playful modernity. I love this place today. The walls of the flowerbeds, the same desert singing colour, curve and weave around their flowers, and I admire the architect too for his earthy fantasy and caring.

I don’t understand why some reviews have been so lukewarm. Could be that they too got something bad in their salad? I will forgive them for that slip with the salad, because of this beauty, some of it given by the heavens – which are blue now again, as if sunshine will never cease.

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