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Cocktails at Anassa Friday

“No”, said Polis. “No!”

Polis is the Director of Sales for the luxurious Thanos hotels. We were at the Thanos spring party disco, and I asked him. “Do you often have disco at Anassa?”

Horror on his face. “No!”….

Anassa, their queen property, is a place usually of supreme tranquility. Here you can get rid of energy with squash, tennis, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, walking, hiking, mountain biking…or just dissolve it all at the thalasso spa with saltwater jets, massages and floating. Or dream on the terrace amid endless views, enfolded in soft arm chairs,  float in the heated pool, or recline on the beach  on a sunbed, served with whatever you wish to drink…

But this weekend it was different. After the gala dinner the pulse of disco echoed under the Byzantine dome, caught between mosaic floor and blue cupola…

We danced around the landing at the top of the grand stairs.

Snapshots in the gallery above…include various cocktail parties, gala dinner and the disco.

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