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The second hotel in the village is Hotel Restaurant Elite, run with love by Nicole Peck and Kitty Brand.  It lies up the winding road from Hotel de Ville, passing green pastures with cows grazing, the tower and the church. Up on the slope the views are as alpine as you wish, tinkling sounds included.

Elite has 10 rooms, several with balconies. Spacious, clean and rustic, with attractive floral tiles in the bathroom that I viewed.

We had a most memorable Swiss style dinner there, with local wine. Highly recommended – they had a variety of potato pancakes (rösti) bursting with succulence and flavor. The favourite is full of onions with grilled bacon crumbled on top.

Hotel Restaurant Elite – Telephone 0041 26 924 52 12. Price as at October 2010: 136 CHF for a double room, 68 CHF for a single room. Elite has 6 double rooms, 2 single, 2 triple.

Chalet restaurant hotel Hotel de Ville

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Family room

October 6, the tall wooden chalet was blooming with hot red geraniums. The hotel lies straight on the road through Rossiniere, but thanks to new sound proof windows it is quiet in its bright and rustic interior.

Owner Ms Cosette Hämmerli showed me round. There are only 9 cosy intimate rooms with bright new duvets. The original rooms were renovated in 2009 to include bathroom with toilet and shower. I saw the family room, with a nook for the third bed retaining the original beams. A very cute small double room also retained the dark timber beams under the sloping roof. She is proud that there is even a room for people with handicap, so it was larger and had a larger bathroom.

The hotel had closed for 2 weeks to gear up for the coming winter season. The wooden Swiss chalet style dining room was empty. But down in the bar at street level Ms Hämmerli was giving a staff a pep talk – and had in meticulous Swiss fashion printed a manual for each. I drank a steaming hot flavoursome cappuchino, better than most.

Hotel de Ville – Telephone 0041 26 924 65 40. Price as at 6 October: 150 CHF for double room. Closed 2 weeks in autumn and possibly also March. The hotel has 7 double rooms, 2 family rooms.


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Bells. Chimes, clangs … and sllence between tinkles.

It’s the sound  and silence of the Swiss mountains, as predictable as Swiss chocolate, but somehow more spiritual. A village on the mountain train line up to Gstaad and beyond, Rossiniere, has cows in the “backyard” and goats in the “frontyard” ringing their bells as they browse. Behind the chalet are  rinsed green fields that dot the long steep slopes where  big brown cows lean uphill sturdily as they munch and tinkle. More labile extra-tinkly goats are fed just over the road in front. Three sheep “mow” the grass on a bank by the church.

Rossiniere lies in a V-shaped valley in Canton Vaud, with opaque green Lac des Vernex, church and two little hotels – and its little mountain railway station. Most of the chalets lie on steep winding roads on the sunny south-facing slope, erupting with flowers in carefully tended windows boxes. Plunging down from a rocky summit, the northern slopes are mostly covered in spruce dotted with mountain ash and other leafy trees, like upward dabs of gold and dark green brush. It’s been really warm since arrival – a glorious early autumn, more like the northern summer.

Late afternoon walk above Rossiniere

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