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sunbathers by the melting lake

Sunbathers by the melting lake on granite smoothed by ancient glaciers

Today Sunday, spring brought  gentle heat (7 deg C) and the ice on Stockholm’s many lakes is melting fast. The people are out in droves, to feel new life and dream of summer after a long and snowy winter.

We walked along Drevviken, one of many lakes within the municipal area of Stockholm. Throughout the winter, the lake was alive on Sundays with skaters following a trail where the snow had been scraped away to expose the glittering ice. This fiercely white world is transforming. The ice has melted on the edges where ducks squawk like kids at a party, and a couple of Canada geese do some ebullient landings. The ice itself is now sludgy and dark with some areas of crystalline grace. A couple lies on the smooth rocks to soak in sun. Others picnic, sit on benches, or walk slowly by. In winter they walk briskly to defeat the cold.

black ice melts to little puddles in a reedy inlet of Drevviken

Black ice melts to little puddles in a reedy inlet of Drevviken

A walking path skirts Drevviken through Stora Sköndal, past a beach and pier reserved for people with handicap. The pier has been smashed by the thick winter ice. Now the geese are swimming beside floating parts. The path continues around a peninsula to an inlet still frozen, but for a couple of little puddles on top of the dark ice.

If you go on walking round the lake you will come to Orhem, an area of small gardens and tiny cottages for summer use. Then you can walk through a lush forest to lake Flaten, an unpolluted lake with no habitations, just a beach and little “private swimming places” – or rather public places where you can book a rock just by getting up early.

More about this later when the summer comes…

Now we look at one of the charming metal sculptures in a little park at no. 124 Slöndalsvägen.

Crocuses come out under the bare oaks in a little park of sculptures by the road through Sköndal

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