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We arrived as the sun was setting. A dazzling and warm welcome from this family-style resort came with drinks by the pool in the balmy air. Later we were hosted to a meal in the restaurant, where the food was really excellent (including a spit of grilled fish hanging from a tower); but the air conditioning dropped a waterfall of cold. It was a hot night, so the people on the other end of the table kept asking for the aircon to be switched up, while at our end we kept asking for it to be switched down.

It is a pretty little hotel with a lovely view across a bay to a headland. The hotel is compact. There are two restaurants, a nice infinity pool, a small beach and a friendly atmosphere. It feels four star, but the rooms are perhaps three star plus.

Among little things, there was no conditioner in the bathroom – but the shampoo was very good. It did have a hairdryer, and the bathroom was quite roomy with a walkin cupboard

In fact, I moved my bed into the walkin cupboard as I was paired up with someone who was very sensitive to noise at night – I have nightmares and sometimes awake with a squeal.

In that bathroom I slept better than she did, as I could close the door and open the window to let in fresh air. I am not fond of the sound of air conditioning.

I did see one little beetle crawling over the floor. I do know that in tropical or subtropical climates they are eternal – whatever you do they come back. Perhaps cockroaches are preferable to poison.

Some breakwater walls just off the beach were nicely explained to us, protection for the beach.

Attractive for people who want charm and personal place  on a relaxed holiday

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