Bacolet Beach Club & Half Moon Blue

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Bacolet Beach Club lobby

Bacolet Beach Club

Kindof wow! So individual and so Caribbean. Eclectic mix of velvet, carved and stylish furniture. Four-poster beds draped in netting. Rustic but glamorous it reflects the glorious Gloria. Gloria Knapp Jones the owner is a former fashion model. Indeed a fabulous lady. Still with long espresso legs and cute lipstick drama lips, dazzling smile. Tall and dramatic, and free in her gestures and drawls of “darling”.

A painting of her is among the local art adorning the lobby, where her passions linger for velvet and art nouveau re-iterations of classic style.

Here and there little signs of comfortable age and laid back ways. Pampering personal service goes with taking it easy.

The beach is liked (in Trip Advisor) but it is an Atlantic Beach  with the unpredicable ways of the ocean when not hemmed in by reef. It’s a steep walk down, with little resting spots by the stairs – nice places to be, with views.

To their embarrassment the waves had brought up seaweed in the night. A small flowery seaweed, apple green, not offensive – but obviously less than desirable. There was a rather rustic toilet down at the beach bar.

The rooms all report a seaview and are extravagantly romantic  with netting over the four poster beds. Seagreen glass hand basins and showers with curtains. I thought shower curtains had died out but they are alive and well and sagging in Tobago.

I think the outside probably needs a little bit of attention so it is not for your neurotic ceaselessly home renovating types. The pool  is small and you would be watched by those with pool view.

But all in all it is a lovable intimate place with style and glamour albeit rustic touches.

20 rooms – Bay deluxe, junior penthouse, senior penthouse, senior penthouse deluxe.

Half Moon Blue

Only 10 rooms. Just over the road and up the hill from Bacolet Beach Club – strikingly Caribbean in feel. Purple is the colour.

The strikingly purple wooden building has its own Bohemian style reception, but the former restaurant is now just a public space and meals are taken down at Bacolet Beach Club. In fact it is really an annex, but with its 3 stars and more funky style is best marketed separately Gloria explained.

The views are just as good or better. The pool is small quiet and very private. And you have the same four paster beds with veils for romance. Same room types basically as the Baccolet Beach Club … standard (called Blue rooms), junior suites and the senior penthouse. The senior penthouse is something else.

Definitely this suite is something for those of Bohemian spirit with its artist’s attic style. Best feature is a huge comfortably furnished porch with seaview. The planning creates a treasure hunt situation. You wander around discovering nooks furnished occasionally for mysterious purposes. A long L shaped desk, a washstand, 2 four-poster beds all tucked away under tall attic ceiling with beams. For a family really, two couples might find it a bit lacking in privacy though perhaps the netting offers a bit more opacity than you realize.

Repeaters? Oh yes.

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